Welcome to KNIGHTS !

Welcome to KNIGHTS !

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 Knights RULES !!

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PostSubject: Knights RULES !!   Knights RULES !! EmptyMon 21 Mar - 23:50:31

1- Sing in the fórum!

2 - To look for to treat all the members and visitors with cordialidade and education. Preventing improper words, that can cause some type of constaint to the participants.

3- It does not offend its partners of the clan calling noob in publish, does not forget that you also one day were noob, more helps improves it because we are in a clan that we must helps ones to the others.

4- access the forum whenever you can , try to be always upgraded.

5- Kick or does not banish its colleagues of clan and the other members of the canal, this type of trick not sera tolerated. Offence IN CANAL only justifies kick and ban.

6- In case of Fight or any another type of misunderstanding, does not have to be treated in the Clan Chat, so that not it creates thus more conflicts. It informs the leader on the occurrence .

7- Forbidden to give OP for who is not registered in the team.

8- Tests for join the team , can be only made by admin or authorized players.

9- Members who vanish without leaving any message will be removed from the team.

10-.Any suggestions for improvements in clan must me argued with the admins from the team , after discuss with all of them the suggestion will be send to the leader.

that will accept or deny.

11- In our clan we do not allow that members use any kind of tricks(cheats/hacks). If you saw anyone from the team using please contact any admin .
Consequence: expulsion from the team for an indefinite period.

12-We will not accept guests of members belonging to another CLAN.

13- The objective of these rules is to establish limits to preserve our fun.

14- Names will not be accepted swears login in the forum!

Thanks all!
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Knights RULES !!
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